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LB Detective as the Best Private Investigator in German

The private investigator is becoming one of those services that many people are looking for nowadays. That is because this kind of service can help people to find out the kind of information that is hard to get. That is why you can say that detektive for Stuttgart is becoming something quite famous. That is because they are able to help people finding the solution to their problems. Among all of those detective agencies, there is a name with a great reputation. It is the LB Detektive. Yes, this agency is considered as one of the best private investigator agencies that you can find in German. Here are the reasons.


Working indiscreet is the main key of a private investigator. That is also one thing that you will get from them. There are a lot of people who worried that their personal and private information will be leaked by the private investigator that they hire. If you have that kind of trauma, then you will not need to worry about that. It is because all of the private investigators on this company will keep the data for you and themselves. That means even the owner of the agency will not know about the details at all.

Affordable Cost

When you are talking about the cost, there is nothing cheap from hiring the professional investigators. Even though, you can be sure that the cost from LB Detektive is quite affordable. That is because they offer you a fixed hourly rate for any kind of work in German. As an addition to that, their initial consultation is free. You do not need to pay even a penny for the first consultation of your problem with them at the office.


Specialist means that they have some different fields to master and offer. For example, if an investigator is a specialist in a business investigation, you will not get that investigator if you want them to investigate your couple. There are some other investigators that will help you with the love life investigation. That is the meaning of specialist. Each of those investigators has their own special fields that they master. The fields will not cross one another.


There is nothing that you need to worry about their experience. That is because this agency has been established many years ago. This is one simple proof that LB Detektive is one of those professional agencies with a lot of experiences. As an addition to that, many of the private investigators have handled a lot of different cases for many years. As a result, you should not need to worry about the expertise of their team. You can be sure that the agency will give you the best private investigator based on your personal need.

Those are some of the reasons why this agency can be one of the best that you can find in German. If you are not that sure about hiring the private investigator, you can try the free initial consultation first. If you think the consultation is going in the right direction, you can hire them. However, if the consultation is not going as want, you can leave them. It is free after all.