Business As a Lawyer

Lawyers that choose to hang their shingle and practice law “solo,” or with one or two partners have so many choices when it comes to marketing their business. It seems that no less than 10 times per day, I am receiving calls from someone wanting to help me get to number 1 on Google searches; optimize my website; or send me “qualified” leads. I turn them all down. Why? I choose slow marketing by building my business by referrals.

A referral is the highest compliment that any small business owner can receive from a client. When it comes to lawyering, the rules don’t change because we too, are running a business. A happy client will send more happy clients. Besides, the cost of a referral is nothing beyond the first happy client.

Remember that legal skills will pay the bills, but it is building trust with your clients that will bring in more clients. Clients must be treated with care and compassion and be more than a paycheck. This is the foundation for building a law practice centered on relationships and referrals.

Oh, and by the way, if you needed legal advice or had a family member who did, do you have a lawyer you would refer them to? I want to be that lawyer for you, your family and friends. Lawyers normally spend thousands of dollars advertising their services via television, radio and online “pay-per-click” advertising so that they can bring in large volumes of clients. Clients are then treated like a paycheck and run through the process whether it’s estate planning, bankruptcy, divorce, or civil lawsuits.

You will easily recognize a lawyer that works by referral. These lawyers take their time to get to know the person that referred them and find ways to thank them for referring a new potential client because this is the highest compliment that a lawyer can receive. These lawyers make sure their client knows how they work by referral. The client receives the highest level of service and personalized attention from their lawyer before, during and after their legal relationship with their attorney.

Bringing a good name to the legal community through educating clients with caring, compassionate service sets a high standard for the profession. All the lawyer asks in return for such personalized “red carpet” service to each client is that their client sends them people of comparable quality like themselves, who may need the type of legal service their lawyer provides. It’s important that clients continue to refer people so that the lawyer doesn’t have to spend their time and resources on traditional advertising, so they can continue to do an even better job working for their clients long after their professional relationship ends. When was the last time you called and asked a question of your lawyer without getting a bill?

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