Choosing A Lawyer

When choosing a lawyer, it’s important to understand that because of the complex nature of the U.S legal system lawyers must specialize in specific areas. It is important therefore to find a lawyer best suited to one’s particular needs, not simply one that one finds personally likeable. Often people who choose on the basis of personality alone are unhappy with their lawyer later. Lawyers network with one another and contact information for one another with special expertise. The best source for finding a lawyer then is often other lawyers.

It is also useful to search online at West’s Law Directory, Einet, P-Law or The Seamless Web. County Law libraries keep information about lawyers, their activities, and even have a rating system to assert the quality of that lawyer. Trial Lawyers of America’s Desk Reference has a list of the top lawyers in the United States. Law libraries often contain details from jury reporting services. Contact the heads of the local legal community not only to find out which lawyer might be best suited to your case, but who might be unsuitable as well. Try contacting the presiding judge of your local court. Bar associations serve the needs of lawyers and will not risk alienating their members, so they may not be the best place to go to for a referral. Once you have a good idea which lawyer you are going to choose, don’t forget to interview them and remember that this person will be speaking on your behalf. All in all, remember that lawyers understand their profession best; find out which lawyer they would go to if they had a problem similar to yours, and check them out with one of the various resources at your disposal.

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